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Re-writing our stories as part of the recovery journey

November 18, 2019 9:54 AM | Anonymous

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Re-writing our stories as part of the recovery journey

A film being shown to clinical professionals through screening events and conferences takes the position that patients beset by trauma, addiction and other serious conditions continue to carry a false and damaging narrative of themselves, even after their life circumstances change. The film depicts workshops in which individuals are guided to weave a new story of a life that has meaning and is marked by survival.

The author is an Arizona based physical therapist.  He says behavioral health disorders and pain commonly involve distorted signals based on environmental factors.  In the film, he discusses chronic pain with patients, “I say, 'Your reaction is going to be everything,'” Pirtle says. “If you feel this pain and hate it, you're going to ramp it up. If you feel this pain and handle it bravely, and do other things such as exercise and engaging with the world more, the pain will not take up as much real estate in the brain.”


  • January 06, 2020 4:13 AM | Anonymous
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