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New Hampshire Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors Association

Dedicated to Advancing Addiction Professionals in New Hampshire

Clinician Wellbeing Network


The Clinician Wellbeing Network (CWN) is a behavioral health clinician support program established specifically to address the health and wellbeing of clinicians to ensure quality care for individuals with substance use disorders. In addition, the program seeks to enhance clinician compassion satisfaction; build confidence, connection, and community among providers; create resilience; and ultimately support workforce retention. 

The CWN offers opportunities for addiction counselors, mental health, and behavioral health providers involved in addressing substance use and co-occurring disorders. to connect. We provide peer collaboration, wellness activities, consultation, continuing education trainings and more.

The program will implement, measure and evaluate initiatives that focus on the overall wellbeing of clinicians, including mental, physical, professional, and social health.  Supporting wellness is an ethical imperative for the integrity of our professional and  to ensure quality care for those we serve. 

Are you looking for ways to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue? Do you want to feel more satisfied in the work you do. Discover some of the answers in this podcast! Tune in and learn about how self-compassion, burnout, and compassion fatigue all play a role in the importance of self-care. This topic and others will inform, entertain, and enhance your overall wellbeing. It is important to take care of ourselves well as we are in service to others.

Expert guests form the field will share their self-care ideas and routines. We will also explore current best practice in being a clinician in today’s demanding and stressful times. Leadership will also have a voice as we find ways to create a culture of wellness in the workplace.

We would love to here from you the listener. What topics would you like discussed, what are your experiences in the workplace? Contact us if you would like to be on the podcast to share your expertise a clinician and/or leader in the field.

Contact: with questions, comments, and requests!
Peer Collaboration
Connect with fellow professionals! Peer collaboration provides the opportunity for colleagues to come together and discuss any challenges, changes, client concerns and energizing topics related to their work. With peer collaboration, you can create meaningful connections and open up new possibilities for your work. Join a collab group today!

Group Topics include:
  • Vicarious Trauma - TBA
  • Wellness - 1st Wednesday; 8-9 am; please register with the link
  • Independent Practice - 1st Thursday; noon-1 pm; at NHADACA, 130 Pembroke Rd, Suite 150, Concord, NH; please email to join
  • Leadership - 2nd Tuesday; 9-10 am; for MLADCs who are in leadership positions that need to seek peer collaboration outside their agencies; please register with the link
  • Open Discussion - 3rd Thursday; 9:30-11:30 am; please register with the link
  • Clinical Supervisors - 4th Thursday starting in October; noon-1 pm; for people that provide clinical supervision; please register with the link

      We will continue to add other topics. Join a group and engage in valuable conversations that enhance the practice as well as your professional experience!
Agency Consultation
Lead the Way to Wellness in Your Agency!

Wellness in the workplace is an important factor in employee satisfaction and productivity. It can be difficult to gauge how well your agency is doing when it comes to creating a culture of wellness, but it is possible to get insight into what your employees think. Are you curious about wellness in your agency? Would you like to know what your employees think about the culture of wellness?

We have created an anonymous online Wellness Survey for organizations to quickly and easily measure the overall satisfaction and wellbeing of their workforce. We are available to discuss and interpret the results, offering consultation to the organization's specific needs. We provide insights on employee morale, and how to create a culture of wellness in your agency. We can discuss how to assess employee needs, what kind of initiatives can be implemented, and how to measure the success of these initiatives. With this knowledge, you can ensure that your employees are feeling supported and motivated in their work environment.

*NHADACA requests your permission to save and aggregate the data for use in current and future grant funding opportunities.
Commitment Statements
This New Hampshire initiative is modeled after the National Academy of Medicine's Action Collaborative on Clinician Wellbeing and Resilience initiative. In an effort to support this national movement, NHADACA has collected statements describing organizational goals and commitments to action.

The following organizations have submitted formal statements:

We welcome additional statements describing organizational goals or commitments to improving clinician wellbeing and decreasing clinician burnout.


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