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New Hampshire Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors Association

Dedicated to Advancing Addiction Professionals in New Hampshire

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Learn. Grow. Serve.


We offer over 75 professional development events annually and host a library of over 35 on-demand webinars. Our Professional Development Calendar also includes local events hosted by other entities that may be of interest to substance use and other healthcare professionals in NH.

Learn. Grow. Serve.


We advocate for sound public policies related to issues that impact the substance use workforce as well as those experiencing addiction.

Learn. Grow. Serve.


We advertise employment resources and NH job opportunities for substance use treatment, prevention, and recovery professionals.

Learn. Grow. Serve.


We guide healthcare professionals to resources for professional development, scholarships, credentialing and other substance use related information.

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Year: 2024

1January, 2024
Jan 05 The 12 Core Functions of a Substance Use Counselor
Jan 08 The Contract Life Cycle: Bureau of Drug & Alcohol Services Contracted Provider Finance Training
Jan 12 Building Cultural Competency
Jan 16 Grief After Death by Overdose and Suicide: Working with Survivors
Jan 17 Substance Use and the Developing Brain
Jan 18 Problematic Sexual Behaviors in Substance Use Recovery
Jan 19 Project SUCCESS: Group Counseling with Adolescents
Jan 24 Self-Limiting Beliefs
Jan 26 Prevention Ethics
Jan 29 The Contract Life Cycle: Understanding Indirect Costs
Feb 02 Engaging with Individuals Re-entering from Prisons and Jails
Feb 02 Understanding and Applying The CRSW Performance Domains in Supervision of CRSWs
Feb 05 CALM (Counseling on Access to Lethal Means): A Suicide Prevention Training
Feb 06 Drugs, Sex, and the Brain
Feb 08 Hepatitis C (HCV): Impacts, Challenges, and Treatments
Feb 09 The Ethical Clinician: Benefits, Burdens, and Best Practices
Feb 15 HIV Trends & Treatment
Feb 16 Understanding and Treating Cannabis Use Disorder
Feb 22 Initial Training on Addiction and Recovery
Feb 23 Psychological First Aid
Feb 23 Families & Addiction
Feb 26 Canceled: The Contract Life Cycle: Doing Business with the State of NH
Feb 29 LivingWorks Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)
Mar 01 Mental Health First Aid
Mar 01 LivingWorks Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)
Mar 06 Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others: Ethical Considerations & An Interactive, Skill Development Workshop
Mar 08 LGBTQIA+ Youth Suicide Prevention
Mar 11 It's Never Easy: Delivering Bad News
Mar 11 Ethical Principles in the Helping Profession
Mar 15 Harm Reduction 101
Mar 18 The Contract Lifecycle: Doing Business with the State of NH
Mar 18 Providing Treatment Without Getting a Treat: Managing Motivation and Coping with Burnout and Disillusionment
Mar 20 Engaging with the LGBTQ+ Community: A Cultural Proficiency Training
Mar 22 Advanced Ethics for Prevention Professionals
Mar 25 The Contract Lifecycle: Budgets
Mar 28 Effective Group Treatment: Leveraging CBT and MI in Telehealth Groups
Mar 29 Dealing with Loss from Overdose and Suicide: Ethical and Self-Care Implications
Apr 03 Harm Reduction
Apr 04 Measurable Assessments Improve SUD Treatment Outcomes
Apr 05 Ethical Practice in the Addiction Profession
Apr 08 Enhanced Care Coordination: Helping Children, Youth, and Families Impacted by Substance Misuse
Apr 08 The Contract Lifecycle: Mid-Series Overview
Apr 11 Understanding and Applying the CRSW Performance Domains in Supervision of CRSWs
Apr 12 Harm Reduction for Youth
Apr 15 A Peers Introduction to Mental Health
Apr 18 Untangling Drugs, Sex, and Intimacy
Apr 19 Confidentiality Updates: 42 CFR Part 2 and HIPAA
Apr 25 21st Century Cannabis
Apr 25 Women & Weed
Apr 26 HIV Update for Substance Use Professionals
Apr 29 Getting a “Head” in Therapy – Psilocybin, Esketamine and MDMA in the Treatment of MH and SUDs
Apr 29 The Contract Lifecycle: Subrecipient Monitoring
May 06 Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences and Working with Complex Trauma
May 07 Supporting Families and Healing
May 08 Telehealth Best Practices
May 08 Ethics & Clinical Practice
May 09 Advanced Ethics & Clinical Practice
May 09 Royal Cribbage Night
May 10 Dealing with Loss from Overdose and Suicide: Ethical and Self-Care Implications
May 10 Substance Use Recovery and Mood Disorders
May 14 Connect Suicide Prevention for Behavioral Health Clinicians
May 15 Mindfulness/Wellbeing and Life Balance
May 17 The 12 Core Functions of a Substance Use Counselor
May 20 Understanding the Imprint of Trauma in Re-Establishing Connectedness
May 20 The Contract Lifecycle: Budget Revisions, Carryover, and Ratio Requirements
May 21 Neuroscience Unraveled: Understanding the Interplay of Trauma and Addiction
May 22 Better Suicide Risk Detection with the Columbia Protocol: Reducing Workload, Redirecting Scarce Resources and Saving Lives
May 30 Initial Training on Addiction and Recovery
May 30 Neurodivergence and Recovery: Considerations for the ADHD Brain
May 31 Families & Addiction
May 31 Neurodivergence and Recovery: Considerations for the ADHD Brain
Jun 05 Connect Suicide Postvention: Reducing Risk and Promoting Healing After a Death by Suicide
Jun 06 Wellness Fair: Self-Care in Action
Jun 10 The Contract Lifecycle: Series Wrap-Up
Jun 10 Understanding Co-Occurring Disorders in the Context of CRSW Scope of Practice
Jun 11 Ethical Practice in the Addiction Profession
Jun 14 Ethics for Clinicians in Independent Practice
Jun 20 A Practical Guide to Love and Relationships in Recovery
Jun 21 The Impact of Grief on Relationships and Recovery
Jun 27 Trans-Theoretical Model: Stages of Change
Jul 17 Adolescent Development and Substance Use Disorders
Jul 30 LADC/MLADC Admin Rules Overview
Jul 30 CRSW Administrative Rules Overview
Aug 23 HIV Trends & Treatment
Sep 06 Mental Health First Aid for Public Safety Professionals

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"Eight years in the making! Just completed my last required training for my LADC application. I feel a sense of relief. Thank you NHADACA!"

YMCA - Greater Manchester

"I’m near the Canadian border, so it’s a long drive for me but worth it! Every single training I’ve attended has been excellent. Thanks NHADACA!"

Dept. of Corrections - Grafton County

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