bannerthankyouA special Thank you to ALL of our generous donors for making our 1st Annual Fund Drive an enormous success!

Pamela Chute in Honor of Dominique
R&C Spence, In Memory of Edwin Kus
JoAnne Sevigny, In Memory of Edwin Kus
Linda Grandfield in Memory of Edwin Kus
Henry & Catherine Fournier in Memory of Edwin Kus
Richard & Constance Tatarczuk in Memory of Edwin Kus

Lori Seog
Richard Kania
Christine Averill
Mary Dugan
Rob Ulman
Tom Barker
Connie Owens
Diana Miles
Betsy Snow
Dan Egan
Amy Pepin
Ron Sayers
Jim O’Hearn
Alex Hamel
Jane Quigley
Regent Champigny
Denise Adams
Cynthia Collea
Barbara Crouse
Nancy Nemcovich
Casey Miles
Denise Devlin
Renee Schwartz
Susan Hemstreet
Sue Thistle
Douglas Weed
Christine Simmons
Cheryle Wilke
Constance McGraw
Patricia Tucker
Christine Lanoix
Kate Robinson
Mark Hatfield
Kathleen Russo
White Mtn Athletic Club
Chester Annis
Nancy Triantafyllou
Lynne Towle
Kelly Reardon
Annette Escalante
Katherine Robertson
Kim Hyslop
Micheal O’Bryant
Charlie Bussison
Alex Hamel
David Parisi
Peter DalPra
Jay Bernier
Ray McGarty
Jeff Davis
Lindsay Freese
Rhonda Bishop
Amy Kelly
Luke Gagne
Patricia Barrett
Susan & Patrick McKeown
Ellen Eberhart Counseling
Jacky Lehoullier
Thomas Hagner
Miriam Johnson
Hearts & Feathers
Lori Magoon
Melony Lyons
Judith Fornier
Susan Pullen
James O’Hearn
Margaret Smith
Cassandra Abare
Kristin Spath
Christine O’Connor
Rosemary Weidner
Pat Ristaino Dutton
Ginger Ross
Meredith Senter
Gloria Peters
Dianne Pepin
Susan Almy
D&D Lennon
Jeff Wedge
Eli Goodwin
Butch Estey
Dawn Tonkin
Paula Brigg
Bob Nylin
David Cantagallo
Paul Kiernan
Carrie McFadden
Pat Ristaino Dutton
Cheryle Pacapelli
Jessica Levine
Susan Daland
Lisa Yoria


Bagshaw Counseling & Therapy
The Skin & Body Spa, Nashua, NH
THRIVE Fitness for Women, Exeter, NH
InnSesaons Resorts, Lincoln, NH
Regent Champigny
Message Therapy Plus, LLC, Concord, NH
The Olive Garden
Palace Theater, Manchester, NH
Karen Kelley, Kingston, NH
Time To Clay, Nashua, NH
Fratellos & Homestead Restaurant
Lynne Towle
NH Motor Speedway,Loudon, NH
Bikram Yoga, Portsmouth, NH
Capital Center for the Arts, Concord, NH
Keene Yoga Center, Keene, NH


Barbara Beardsley
Mary Woods
Susan Vanderheide
Meredith Senter
Kathleen Russo
Amber violette
Kevin Keefe
Lori Magoon
Lynne Towle
Donna Lennon
Annette Escalante
Sara Poisson