I was court ordered to get a drug and alcohol evaluation (LADC evaluation), who do I contact?

A LADC evaluation is a substance abuse evaluation by a licensed alcohol and drug counselor (LADC or MLADC). The cost varies from agency to agency, and some agencies have sliding fee scales to assist in the payment by adjusting rates based on an individual’s ability to pay. An average rate can be around $350. The appointment can take several hours, signing releases of information, includes collecting collateral information may include drug testing, assessment questionnaires, and a bio/psycho/social interview.

The biopsychosocial interview includes your history with “everything.” It includes your alcohol and drug use history, legal history, social and relationship history, family history, medical history, and history of counseling or treatment, history of mental/emotion health concerns, strengths, weaknesses, education and work history and any other major life events that you have experienced. The goal is to draw an overall picture of your life and the impact alcohol and other drugs have on your goals and quality of life. The evaluation summarizes all of this information and then concludes with the counselor’s clinical impression and clinical recommendations

You can locate drug and alcohol counselors using the NH treatment provider locator at www.nhtreatment.org