Filmed October 23rd, 2014

Link to view the marijuana forum:

We are very pleased with the use of this livestream technology to bring this educational format to a state-wide, actually a nation-wide audience. We had people viewing from across NH, Maine, Rhode Island, New York and Colorado that we could identify. We also know of at least one group of students watching it together. So although the views registered one computer at a time, we know that people were watching it together and our numbers exceed what is listed below!

As of a 2:30 pm on 7/23/15, we have had 1,393 logged views!
We have had 212 likes on Facebook and 9 Tweets.
We also had 113 comments during the livestream, with a few more since then.
Our in-person audience was estimated at about 140 people.

Both the in-person audience and the people chatting online demonstrated a passion for this very controversial topic. We at NHADACA are excited for these numbers because it quantifies that we have reached over 746 people (and climbing!) with a balanced educational approach. This event is a result of a survey of you our membership. We are also very excited and confident in saying, “thank you for the suggestions and participating in the 2014 NHADACA Legislative Survey — this event would not have happened without your voices, time and commitment to raising public awareness and examining the issues.” Prior to the event we had several teachers at high school and college levels asking about the opportunity to show it to their classes. How exciting is that!? Wow! I am already thinking we need to do more livestreaming and I can’t wait to announce at the Annual Meeting (11/21/14) what the count is at that time!

The livestream link is: The link is posted on our website and you will be able to view the recorded livestream video at your convenience.



Link to view the marijuana forum: