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The NH Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors Association is a Non Profit Organization. Our goal is to offer affordable professional development and training to counselors around the state. Your contribution can help. At NHADACA, every donation is graciously accepted. You may select to designate your tax deductible donation to a particular program or project, or you may make a contribution to the Professional Excellence Fund, to be applied where it may be most needed.

Train It Forward

You Can Make A Difference in Someone’s Life

TRAIN IT FORWARD: Our unique Train It Forward scholarship program provides two options to contribute:

You have the option of paying for a training event, in full (fees range from $35 to $130), or donate any dollar amount you choose and it will go into NHADACA’s Train It Forward scholarship fund. Scholarships will be awarded through an application process, and as funds are available. Persons who receive a scholarship would not be are not eligible again for a minimum of 6-12 months.

To contribute to NHADACA’s Train It Forward Scholarship Fund please click on the donate button below.



One small act of kindness at a time.

Professional Excellence Fund

Your gift to this fund allows NHADACA’s valuable programming to continue. We are able to offer a variety of competent and comprehensive programs to educate substance use and other mental health professionals as well as other professionals working with persons impacted by substance use. With your help we continue to educate and advocate about public policy issues and increase the general public’s knowledge about addiction.

We want citizens of NH to have access to prevention, recovery and treatment resources, and we want the professionals providing those resources to have the optimal level of knowledge and skills to best care for their needs.

Thank you for joining us in furthering NHADACA’s vision of promoting programs and policies related to substance use that engage communities, enhance wellness and improve the quality of life for residents of New Hampshire.


Donate your time and talent


Everyone has special skills. Join in NHADACA’s mission through volunteering. Share  your talent and time with NHADACA. Perhaps you’re looking to obtain some exposure in the substance use area, know someone who has suffered, or would like to give back to this community. Volunteering is a rewarding experience. We welcome all forms of volunteering. At NHADACA, volunteer opportunities exist with helping us deliver our programs, plan and execute special fundraising events, or aide in general office tasks. We welcome student interns and volunteers. Thank you for willingness to give of your time. To find out more about volunteering, please call our offices and ask for Dianne Pepin at 603.225.7060.