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Prevention Webinars

24/7 Connectedness to Technology - It's Impact on Human Development and It's Role in Anxiety and Depression

Presenter: Ann Duckless 

January 2019

As a result of this webinar participants will be able to:

  • Discuss research related to the use of technology, its impact and implications for connectedness and communication with people.
  • Describe findings related to exposure of blue screen emissions on the neuroscience of the brain and effects on sleep patterns. 
  • Explain the correlation of connectedness to technology to the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression in you


Basics of HIV  

Presenter: James Figueiredo

July 2017

As a result of this webinar participants will be able to:

  • Learn about HIV risk associated with sexual behaviors and substance use
  • Gain knowledge about HIV prevention methods


Helping Individuals at Risk of Suicide

Presenter: Ann Duckless

Date TBD

As a result of this webinar participants will be able to:

    • Gain knowledge of National Best Practices for community response to suicide thoughts, disclosures, and attempts.
    • Learn the risk and protective factors and warning signs for suicide
    • Gain insights into suicide data and how age, gender, culture and other demographic and diversity factors impact suicide risk
    • Learn skills for intervening with community members at risk and connecting them with appropriate resources
    • Gain awareness of community resources and services and how they can be utilized for persons at risk


    Environmental Management Strategies

    Presenter: Rebecca Ireland
    June 2016

    Environmental strategies help shape the places where people live, learn, work, and play into areas that are more supportive of healthy and safe behaviors.

    You'll learn:

      • Research-based environmental strategies and how they fit in to a comprehensive substance use prevention approach
      • How to match environmental strategies with community needs
      • Explore the opportunities for community and stakeholder engagement in implementing and monitoring environmental management efforts in the short and long-term


      Exploring the Connection Between Prevention and Recovery

      Presenter: Jim Wuelfing
      May 2016

      This webinar will examine the continuum of care (prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery) focusing on prevention and recovery.

      You'll learn:

        • Identify the intersections between prevention and recovery approaches
        • Define common terms used in prevention and recovery
        • Describe a more holistic approach to the continuum of care
        • Describe specific ways in which prevention and recovery practitioners can better support one another


        Intro to the NH Prevention System

        Presenter: Jessica Blais
        November 2013

        You'll learn:

          • How to identify the partners, structures, and funding streams that help to make the system function and continue to grow.

          If you are new to prevention and would like to gain insight on some basic prevention terminology and concepts please visit the NH Center for Excellence’s “What is Substance Abuse Prevention? An Introduction to Concepts and Terms” Prior to joining us for this webinar. The link to this information is:


          Teen Culture

          Presenter: Marissa Carlson
          November 2014

          Want to know more about the cultural forces that impact the teenagers you work with, positively and negatively? Do you ever feel a little behind the times when hearing your students talk about their favorite shows, websites, or bands? Through survey results, live web exploration, and other presentation materials, this webinar will provide overviews and insight about the interests, activities, and other age-related cultural influences of today’s teenagers in NH, New England and beyond.

          You'll learn:

          • Increased knowledge about the pop culture media trends, including music, TV & web shows, and books, with a regional and US focus.
          • About some of the websites and apps most popular with high school students.
          • Further resources for information on cultural trends they learn about in the future.


          The Connections Between Substance Misuse and Suicide

          Presenter: Ann Duckless
          November 2014

          For years, research has shown that mental health-related conditions increase the risk of suicide. There is also a strong correlation between substance use disorders and suicide risk. This workshop will look at critical components that should be part of suicide prevention efforts in working with substance abuse prevention/treatment providers and cultural adaptations in working within the field of substance abuse and addictions

          You'll learn:

          • Prevalence rates of suicide attempts by people who misuse substances.
          • Prevalence rates of suicide for specific drugs.
          • Contributing bio-psycho-social factors that lead to substance misuse and suicide, including the role of cultural, racial, gender, and spiritual diversity.
          • Cutting-edge prevention and intervention approaches to be used by mental health and substance abuse professionals.


          Vaping and Marijuana

          Presenter: Lee Anne Dodge
          March 2019

          This webinar will focus on the risks of youth vaping and marijuana use and strategies to address the issues.

          You'll learn:

          • Become more familiar with vaping/e-cigarette devices and marketing strategies.
          • About the risks of nicotine and marijuana on the developing brain.
          • About prevention, intervention, and treatment strategies to address the growing concern regarding youth use.


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